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  • We do require a BOOKING amount to hold your reservation.
  • Payment of the BOOKING amount should be made via bank transfer or via credit card. The rest of the payment should be done in cash on arrival day.
  • Please note that the BOOKING will not be confirmed until APARTEASY has received the BOOKING amount and you have received a confirmation email from APARTEASY.


A cash damage DEPOSIT ranging from 150€ to 350€ will be requested upon arrival and will be refunded in full after inspection of the undamaged apartment by the owner.

For rental periods longer than one month, the DEPOSIT amount requested will be higher than what mentioned above.


  • Once APARTEASY has confirmed the availability of one of its apartments, the client will have to pay the BOOKING amount.
  • The rest of the RENTAL PRICE plus the DEPOSIT shall be paid by the client in EUROS in CASH upon arrival.
  • Exceptionally, this payment can be made by means of a bank transfer provided always that (i) the corresponding NET amount (wire cost are on your side) is received in our bank account one week before your arrival (ii) we have confirmed to you in writing that we have received such amount.


  • Please note that the BOOKING amount is non-refundable. If the client cancels a fully paid reservation, there is a cancellation charge that will depend on the number of days before the beginning of the rental period:
    • More than 90 days before: 10% of the total amount.
    • 60-89 days before: 25% of the total amount.
    • 30-59 days before: 50% of the total amount.
    • Less than 30 days before: 100% of the total amount.
  • In the event that the client changes the dates, it will be understood as a new stay and it shall be subject to the cancellation conditions.
  • It is strongly recommended that clients purchase trip cancellation insurance. Any cancellation, including force majored, will be subject to our clear and simple cancellation policy stated herein.
  • APARTEASY should be unable to provide to the client the property he has booked, they reserve the right to transfer him to a property of similar characteristics.


A few days before your arrival you should inform the owner the time you would like to meet in the apartment to do the check-in. Usually, apartments are available from 13:00 pm but if, for any reason, your arrival is earlier, please let the owner knows in advance. Please note that for arrivals later than 22:00 pm there is an extra-charge of 30€.


You should arrange the meeting time with owner to do the check-out. The apartment should be left on your leaving day no later than 10:00 am. Let the owner knows in advance if you need a later check out time.


The client will receive the apartment on the entry day clean and tidy. When leaving, the client is obliged to leave the apartment in a reasonable condition and without garbage.

Number and identity of the guests

The client will inform APARTEASY of the number of guests included within the booking. Only the number of persons indicated by the client when booking shall be authorised to use the apartment. The number of persons who may use the apartment may not exceed the number of persons allocated for each apartment, except for children under two years of age. Pets are only allowed where permission has specifically been granted. In the event of any infringement of the aforementioned obligations, APARTEASY at its sole discretion will be entitled to request the client to leave the apartment, and the client shall have no right to claim any type of compensation.


Neither APARTEASY nor the owner of the apartment shall be liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise as a consequence of the use by the client of the apartment, including without limitation, damages, insurance, losses because of fires, robbery or criminal behaviour.

In case of any infringement of the aforementioned obligations, APARTEASY at its sole discretion will be entitled to request the client to leave the apartment, and the client shall have no right to claim any type of compensation.

Our Website

All apartment descriptions and information is supplied by the apartments featured. Whilst APARTEASY do their utmost to maintain accuracy and to check details wherever possible, APARTEASY cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions that may arise.
APARTEASY also reserve the right to change information published on the site at any time including rates, descriptions and photographs. APARTEASY makes no warranty or representation about the fitness or suitability of any product or service advertised on its web site.

APARTEASY reserves the right to update any of its terms and conditions at any time, as may be required and as may be in line with the company's business. The onus is placed on all parties, using the site, to undertake adequate measures to ensure that they visit any such terms and conditions on a regular basis. By agreeing to use this site, it is implied that any such changes are accepted by any such third party and, that any such third party undertakes to comply with any such changes.

These terms do not affect consumer statutory rights.  

APARTEASY House Rules – Please Read Carefully

  1. Please, respect the noise levels in the stairwells as well as in the apartments. The client signing the check in form will be liable for the correct and decent behaviour of all the persons accompanying him/her. Should that person or any of the persons accompanying him/her not behave in a suitable and responsible way, APARTEASY shall be entitled to request the client and the persons accompanying him/her to leave the apartment without the right for the latter to claim any type of compensation.

    Please observe that APARTEASY Terms and Conditions with regard to disturbances, loud music and parties are very clear: ALL ARE STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Guests staying in an APARTEASY apartment should know that if parties or loud music are heard, or neighbours complain and/or police are called, it can result in immediate eviction regardless of the time of day or night. This will also result in loss of prepaid rent and refundable damage deposit. Also note that by booking with APARTEASY you have already accepted our terms and conditions and will therefore be expected to abide by these rules. You will also be expected to sign these rules upon check-in on your arrival day.

    We appreciate your collaboration in this matter and hope you understand that these rules are necessary as these apartments are all situated in residential buildings and the nightly rest of other inhabitants must be respected.

    Horas de descanso especial

    Monday - Friday 22.00 to 9.00
    Saturday - Sunday 23.00 to 10.00

  2. Please don't smoke in the apartment. Smoke on the terrace if there is one or outside and please do not throw cigarette butts down into the street or patios.
  3. Please turn off the air-conditioning or lights if you leave the apartment; we try to keep prices low and would like to conserve energy.
  4. Please lock the doors securely behind you and only take what you need with you for the day as there are professional pick pockets in most tourist areas.

Should you have any doubt, do not hesitate to get in touch with us on the Contact Us section.

We wish that this "Terms & Conditions" would be useful for you.

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